VRmaster makes immersive training easy and secure for your business

Better and faster learning with 100% attention span VRmaster can help you so call 0031624385379

Virtual reality will change the way we learn

VR is an active and immersive way to train people better and faster with 100% attention span.

Travel to any new or well-known environment, instantly. Get familiarized with fearful or restricted areas, from a safe surrounding. Learn more about any product, wherever you are. Re-experience an event or situation as if you were there.

Virtual reality is here to stay and makes learning amazing. Learn more

Incorporate virtual reality into your training courses

Create engaging and personal VR trainings, based on the choices and behavior of the trainees

Publish VR instantly to any device or platform with our easy to use VR-tools

Starting from € 5,50. EX VAT per person per month

We offer an one-stop-VR-shop

Our VRmasters can help you to use VR to the fullest and publish it to any platform or device.

If you join us in the creation process, you can create the next training yourself.

We also provide branded VR-goggles and organize VR events for your employees and customers together with you. Learn more

Safety training

Make Emergency Response Officer (ERO) trainings for any environment in less then a week.

Get people familiarized with their new workplace, before their first cup of coffee.


Show people around, as if they are there and let them know what you’re up to.

Create engaging interactive VR videos, available on any platform, within three weeks.

New products and processes

Teach people about new concepts and test them in a virtual world.

Introduce new processes, to anyone, anytime with you in control.

Our VR tools are used by many brands

We can create customized solutions based on our generic tools

VR tours in co-operation with Moovs, Enversed, EmansionStudio Sjoucke, VR producties, Encircle, go360 and many more.

Contact us to use VR to the fullest!

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“All we’re doing is travelling without moving”