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With our web-based VR distribution platform VRapp.co, we want to give businesses a new way of engaging with their customers and stakeholders. A core concept of VRapp.co is the use of interactive VR tours, published to any VR device instantly with in-VR analytics.

Virtual reality for your business

VR makes it possible to have a digital presence in an immersive world, such as:

  • Go to fearful, restricted or unattainable places from a safe surrounding.
  • Let customers step into the past as if they where there.
  • Step into a future environment or visit your next house before it’s build.
  • Let people relive an event as if they are on the stage.

As people can look around in VR, they really feel they are there. There’s no doubt VR will change real-estate, education, training, travelling, retail, entertainment, sports etc.

Clients: AH, Interpolis, Blokker,  De Boer, Media markt,  Glow, NS, Groningen Museum, LA Times, Philips, TUe/, Fontys, Spie, Schiphol, KLM, and more.

VRmaster track record

The first web-based VR platform of the world!

  • 10,000 visitors/mnth
  • 450 (beta) users
  • Sold 34,000 VRmaster cardboards

Virtual reality is a new way to engage with your customers, train employees or present future plans and spaces.

Interactive VR tours

A structure that is fundamental to experiences on VRapp.co are VR tours. A VR tour makes it possible to navigate in-VR through a collection of VR photos, videos or other VR media, representing different places or situations in the tour. Using Points Of Interest (POIs) a user can take different routes through the VR tour, allowing the user to experience different story lines. Examples are exploring different rooms in a house or exploring different situations in a training course.

The advantage of VR tours is that they provide a powerful means of storytelling in a simple way, making the production of VR experiences easy and fast. We will add only those features that provide the highest added value to VR tour design and experience. Example of such features are our VR-menu, interactivity using POIs and displaying dynamic data, such as product pricing, in VR.

Independent VR distribution platform

Facebook, Google, HTC, Sony and Samsung have embraced VR to the max, but they are all only bringing VR to their own platform and devices. This leaves many users empty handed as these firms prefer Android, apps and their own VR headsets. VRmaster chooses to enable the distribution and experience of VR using the browser on smartphones, laptops, tablets and VR headsets. This provides the lowest threshold of use; for both visitors who want to view and share, and users who want to distribute VR content to all VR devices instantly.
All platforms have or will have a WebVR ready browser which will make the distribution of VR tours easy. By applying the WebVR browser API, we will expand our platform to the Samsung Gear VR, the Oculus Rift (both Oculus Os), the Google Daydream VR platform and HTC Vive because these platforms will likely have the biggest market growth in the near future.

In-VR anaytics
The interaction and navigation choices visitors make in VR tours can be tracked and traced. In this way it can, for instance, be analyzed what the most occurring navigation choices are that people make in VR, or what people look the most at in VR.  Tracking behaviour in VR will provide an unprecedented dataset which brings online training and quantitative and qualitative research to a new level.

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VRmaster is inspired by Google Cardboard and a concept of WOID

VRmaster is supported by: SRE, Het Stimuleringsfonds voor de Journalistiek, RVO and Brightmove