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Create your VR tour in just 5 minutes!

Use the Firefox browser for the best experience and privacy (we do support Chrome and Safari).

1 Set up a VR tour

  1. Go to yourdomain.vrdeck.co and choose login

  2. Add your username and password

  3. Go to tours in the left menu and add one

  4. Add a title and Summary

  5. Select a 360° photos into the upload frame (min 2040×1020 px and .jpg). (we will support

    360° video later)

  6. Choose Upload and upload will be started

  7. Save your changes

Set the scene settings

  1. Change the orientation/starting point of your scene, using the arrows left top corner

  2. Activate the scene text, the scene text is visible when entering the scene

  3. Activate the scene sound, the scene sound is played when entering the scene

  4. Save your changes

Adding hotspots to your scene

  1. You can add multiple hotspots like Text, Questions, Images and Track areas

  2. Select, with the cursor, the place of your hotspot.

  3. Use the arrows on the bottom left side to reposition the hotspot

  4. Add your text and change font size and colour

  5. Add a link to another scene if you like

  6. Save your changes

Use filter effects is easy

  1. Add an image hotspot

  2. Choose an image

  3. Select, Stick to camera

  4. Adjust the size

  5. Save your changes

Digital answers to your virtual questions

What is VRdeck.co?

We make interactive virtual reality easy and affordable for your business.

Experiencing VR can be expensive and cumbersome

  • Expensive gear or special hardware can be required
  • VR gear can be difficult to set up
  • On mobile phones often apps have to be downloaded

It’s a hassle to get your VR to the public

  • It’s complex and costly to add interactivity.
  • To publish content, an app is needed for every platform and VR device, so scalability is low.
  • It’s difficult to get real time analytics.


VRmaster provides the number one B2B web service to publish VR content and to distribute interactive VR tours,

so visitors can explore any place or situation in VR. VR tours can be easily created and published to any VR device, smartphone, tablet, desktop or website instantly. In-VR analytics make it possible to analyze behaviour, track reach and interaction, and follow your ROI.


With our web-based VR distribution platform VRdeck.co, we want to give businesses a new way of engaging with their customers and stakeholders. A core concept of VRapp.co is the use of VR tours.

Register for a beta invite

Our VR platform is currently in public-beta, so our users can try out our publication platform for free. You can register by sending an email to hello@vrdeck.co

VRdeck.co terms of services

As soon as you get our invitation, you can start uploading and sharing your VR experiences. By registering as a member or by using the VVRdeckco Service in any way, you have to accept our Terms of Service (“Agreement”). This Agreement incorporates the following documents by reference:

We strongly advise to use the Firefox browser

As we use the latest web techniques, build by Mozilla/Firefox. That is why we strongly advise using the Firefox browser.

Firefox is also one of the best browser for your privacy.

we do support Safari (Mac/iOS) or Chrome browsers, but you could run into some minor issues.



What do I get for free? Free VS Paid plans

The web-based VRapp platform is universal and accessible for free to everyone without any download requirements 

Every Free user receives their own unique url on vrdeck.co to which they can upload 360° content. The technology behind VRdeck.co then creates VR guides, tours, etc. that can be viewed on any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and shared through the internet. You also can:

  • Embed VR content on your website
  • Add hotspots

Be aware that with a free account, your VR tours will be public and indexed by search engines.

Our paid features are (see pricing here):

  • More storage and bandwidth
  • Option to secure a VR tour with a password.
  • More users

Visit vrdeck.co.co/welcome to see our VR features

What are VR environments, VR tours and VR bubbles?

What's a VR tour?

interactive VR tours (1)



A structure that is fundamental to experiences on VRapp.co are VR tours. A VR tour makes it possible to navigate in-VR through a collection of VR photos, videos or other VR media, representing different places or situations in the tour. Using Points Of Interest (POIs) a user can take different routes through the VR tour, allowing the user to experience different story lines. Examples are exploring different rooms in a house or exploring different situations in a training course.

The advantage of VR tours is that they provide a powerful means of storytelling in a simple way, making the production of VR experiences easy and fast. We will add only those features that provide the highest added value to VR tour design and experience. Example of such features are our VR-menu, interactivity using POIs and displaying dynamic data, such as product pricing, in VR.

How do I edit the VR tour credentials?

Login to your account, select the VR tour and choose Edit

VR tour credentials

What's a VR bubble? aka Sphere, 360° or Panoramic photo or video
A bubble is a 360° content item that can be a photo, video, rendering or animation. Multiple bubbles can present points of view in a VR tour.
What are Points Of Interests (POIs aka Hotspots)?

It’s possible to freely navigate to VR Bubbles whitin a VR Tour. When creating a VR Tour, Points of Interest (POIs) can be added wherever you like inside a VR Bubble. A Point of Interest can contains extra information, a picture and a button to go to another VR bubble. Points of Interest are recognized by a small circle. When aimed at it, more information about the concering Point of Interest appears. The viewer then can decide whether to travel to that next VR Bubble or not.



How to use it?

Step 1:
Go to https://vrapp.co/welcome/vr-video-tour

Step 2:
Tap/click ‘Enter VR Tour’ or choose a specific VR Bubble from the VR Tour from the location you would like to start.

Step 3:
Spot the Point of Interest and aim the tripod at it. A textbox with information about the destination behind the Point of Interest will appear.Interactive VR

Step 4:
If you would like to travel to the destination behind the Point of Interest, aim the tripod at the button. Hold it for 1 second and … there you go!

Interactive VR

What is the maximum resolution of a VR photo bubble on VRapp?
You can upload a 360° photo with a minimal of 2560 x 1280 px. If possible upload an image with a resolution of 3840 x 1920 px.
At this moment VRapp.co will show images on a resolution of 2560 x 1280 px. In the future, with higher bandwith and better smartphones, we could upscale our platform to 3840 x 1920 px.
What is the maximum resolution of a VR video bubble on VRapp?
We prefer you send us a 360° video in 4K. We will downscale the video to full HD. We have developed a scheme to optimize the VR experience.
We can tweak the frame rate to optimize the experience as this can vary as of the amount of movement in the video. The LA Times racing video needs a much higher frame rate than a VR tour like from Spie.
VRapp.co works in Web-view and VR-view.

VRapp.co can be viewed as a normal (mobile) website we call Web-view. In Web-view mode you can easily get an overview of the tours and VR bubbles in a tour. You can share a link bij clicking on the link-icon in the right corner.



Schermafbeelding 2016-08-04 om 15.36.24 Schermafbeelding 2016-08-04 om 15.36.33

Click on the arrow to go to the specific tour or bubble.


On what devices can I use VRdeck?

VR Cardboards, like our own VRmaster, are a simple but effective means to experience VR using only your smartphone. In the process of developing the ultimate experience, various VR challenges cross our real path. The latest challenge that we’ve tackled, will save our users some eye strain, no matter what smartphone they use.



You can set your screen size at vrapp.co.


You can measure your screen size with the ruler, printed inside our VRmaster cardboard.

Read more about the screensize and VR in this blogpost.

How to navigatie in Virtual Reality?

In VR-view you can choose between the different VR tours in the VR-menu. Aim the tripod on the menu icon and gaze for 1 sec and you will go to the designated tour.




Look at the menu-icon with the logo to go back to the menu.

Schermafbeelding 2016-08-04 om 20.22.25

While visiting the tour, you can use the arrows or points of interest to navigate.

Schermafbeelding 2016-08-04 om 20.25.20  Schermafbeelding 2016-08-04 om 20.25.01

Look at the home icon on the bottom of the bubble to go to the first point of view of the VR tour.

Schermafbeelding 2016-08-04 om 20.25.41

How to embed a VR bubble?

You can add a VR bubble to tour website with our embed code.



  1. Go to a VR tour/bubble and click on the link icon in the bottom right
  2. Click on the arrow until you seevirtual reality bubble
  3. Copy this url and paste this in the embed code: 

    You can try this out on vr.chromeexperiments.com/ o try out a 360 video with YouTube app.


    To get the best VR experience,

    • use minimal Android Kit Kat 4.4.2 .
    • Use the latest Chrome browser.
    • Unlock screen rotation.
    • We advise to set the  Auto lock, screen timeout on never, when using VRapp.co.

    The Android stock browser (on Samsung) is NOT supported.

How can I experience VR Video on Android with VRapp.co?
To experience VR video on any Android Phone, just go to the Chrome browser, enter the designated url on VRapp.co (e.g. VRapp.co/welcome/vr-video-tour and experience VR video.
How to unlock screen rotation on Android?

To use your Android phone in VR view, you need to rotate your phone to landscape. Make sure screen rotation is unlocked on your Android.

Unlock screen android phone




Can I view VR on my tablet, desktop or laptop?

Of course you can Enter Virtual Reality with your tablet or desktop. We advice to use the Chrome browser to get the best experience.



To get the best immersive experience, we suggest to use your phone and VR goggles to step into VR.

How to change screen timeout time on an Android phone?

We advise to set the  Auto lock, screen timeout on never, when using VRapp.co.






How to fold your VRmaster cardboard

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