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Our VR photo module lets you create a training fast and easy. 360º Photo training is great to get people:

  • Know your company
  • Familiarised with any environment
  • Learn about safety equipment
  • Get to know evacuation routes

We can set up a VR photo training within a week, starting from € 2950 ex VAT.

Use the VR VIDEO module to engage with people. 360º video training is an amazing way for:

  • Onboarding
  • Communicate your company culture
  • Study procedures and processes
  • Train order picking

We can set up a VR video training within a month, starting from € 6950 ex VAT.

Our VR exam module lets you test and exam students efficient and engaging:

  • Test in a contextual environment
  • Bring practical exams to your classroom
  • Give feedback, based on the choices people make
  • Measure online behaviour and knowledge

We can set up a VR exam within 2 weeks, starting from € 3950 ex VAT.

Use 360º renderings to show a building before it’s been built.

  • A/B test new concepts and designs
  • Get people familiarised in future places
  • Change environments on the spot

A VR-CAD training can be produced within a month, starting from € 3950 ex VAT.

VR animations put training and simulation on a completely new level.

  • Test different procedures and processes
  • Change the circumstances

Animated VR training requires intensive preparation and will take at least 2 months to set up right and starts from € 29950 ex VAT.

Our modules are already used by many companies:

3DVR exam module: Practice makes perfect

Exam your students in a practical on the job way, in the classroom.

  • 100% attention and no cheating
  • Students are monitored step-by-step
  • Give feedback, based on answers and behaviour
  • Provide a score, on the spot

3DVR testing module: On the job from anywhere

Test the knowledge of your employees in an engaging way.

  • Change circumstances, based on behaviour
  • Add special effects and gaming elements
  • Measure progress
  • Give targeted feedback

360° Photo module: Recruitment

Invite people to visit your location, from any place in the universe.

  • So candidates can visualise themselves at your company
  • Students can look around your office and feel how it fits, without the use of your resources
  • Take a peek inside a cleanroom without getting changed
  • Visit a restricted area, and see how it looks like, without any hassle
  • avoid training on location

360° Photo module: Personas

VR is an excellent way to define and communicate personas in their habitat. As you visit the persona, you really get connected with the demographics, behavior and motivation of this representation.

  • Password protect your personas, so only designated users can visit them
  • Add audio, to enrich the VR experience

360° Photo module: Virtual Safety Introduction Training

VR is an easy way to instruct new employees about the safety precautions and equipment of a workplace and learn hands on how to use safety tools. A training with VR photos is fast and easy to set up:

  • Using compact camera’s like a Ricoh Theta S is an inexpensive and fast way to capture your location with 360º photos
  • Use a Google Streetview photographer and you can add the 360º images also to the search results
  • Create an interactive VR training with audio fragments and multiple choice questions with our VR-CMS

VR CAD module: Get familiarised

CAD renderings let you step into the future:

  • visit a building, in different configurations
  • Alter the layout of a location at minimum costs
  • Increase the engagement with your workforce
  • Testing a design with different stakeholders

You can visit a location, even before it’s been built!

360° Video module: Onboarding

Give new employees a warm welcome before they set foot in your building. VR training provides some main advantages like:

  • It’s more engaging than any other medium
  • It’s efficient and less time consuming
  • everyone gets the same message
  • evaluate the training based on metrics

VRmaster can direct the VR video experience!

VR CAD module: A/B Testing

Test different settings and layouts without building them:

  • Measure the choices made by the visitors and optimise the floorplan
  • Change the layout at minimal costs
  • Communicate 3D concept to a broad audience

3D Renderings can be exported from any CAD program like Autodesk and are ready to use on our VR platform.

360° Video module: Communicate company culture (Dutch)

Communicate your mission in an engaging way to anyone you want.

A 360 video allows guests to look around, in the scenery and makes them the director of the video. This gives VR video a completely new dimension of telling your story. To get the best results, VR video needs proper preparation and scripting.

Animated VR module: New product release

Inform your workforce and agents about a new product and turn them into experts, before the release date.

  • Experience a product as if it’s there
  • Learn more about the product development process and design choices
  • Get to know the product features in a structural and complete way
  • Test different configurations, A/B testing and analyse behavior

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