Curated by Giovanno Yosen Utomo

Interested in learning more about mobile VR and how to build for Daydream apps? In this talk, we cover details of the Play Store VR app submission processes and guidelines, app featuring and discovery, and finally available monetization models. This talk is ideal for both technical and business development audiences interested in creating apps for Daydream.

Daydream is an entirely new platform with an entirely new set of design considerations. In a series of lightning talks about VR design, the team will cover: knowing your users, ergonomics, environmental design, and the new Daydream controller.

Daydream Labs has built more than 60 VR app experiments. In this session, we discuss what we learned about interactions, immersion, social, and more. From “doll house” to “slides & ladders”, sometimes our wackiest demos gave us the deepest insights into what makes VR both useful and fun.

The Daydream controller connects people to their environment by enabling them to grab objects, manipulate menus, and more. The high-quality gyroscope and touchpad offer a new set of interactions to your applications & experiences.


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