Curated by Giovanno Yosen Utomo

Some highlights include the new messaging app Allo, the Video calling app Duo, the latest in Developer Platform innovation with Firebase, What’s new in Android N, Android Wear 2.0 updates, and Android Instant Run.

An overview of what we have built, what we have learned, and where we are headed.

Decades of exposure to sci-fi literature, movies and games have shaped our vision of VR, establishing certain expectations. In this session, we talk about chasing these fantasies and sculpting them into real products that children, grandparents, teachers, and gamers alike can comfortably enjoy. First, we introduce a framework that’s enabled us to turn out 60+ VR prototypes with weekly sprints. Next, we discuss a new design process for exploring, polishing, and launching consumer VR products while avoiding the pitfalls of a traditional 2D workflow. Finally, we conclude with tips for building your own VR design team.

Let’s make a virtual reality game! Join Shanee Nishry for a live coding session using the Unity Cardboard SDK to create a virtual reality game. By the end of the session we will have a small yet fun “defend the castle” game with a terrifyingly cute enemy army and a player controlled cannon to fend off the attack. We’ll explore stereoscopic rendering, user controls using input and the Cardboard Reticle and even add 3D real-time binaural audio!

Filmmakers breaking into virtual reality face an entirely new set of challenges; creating for a new medium requires a new perspective. Join Google’s Principal Filmmaker for VR, Jessica Brillhart, as she explores the emerging landscape and language of cinematic VR – providing some of her own insights from being a creator in this field while highlighting experiences produced by the world’s most prolific VR content creators.

Human beings experience sound in all directions—like when a fire truck zooms by, or when an airplane is overhead. The Google VR SDK enables mobile developers to create equally immersive spatial audio experiences in virtual reality (VR). Join the Google VR Audio team to learn how immersive audio works and why it is a powerful tool for guiding users through the VR experiences you create by capturing their attention in a natural, intuitive way. In this talk, we discuss the background and key aspects of spatial audio perception, virtual sound object rendering and acoustic room models in mobile VR. Allopurinol OnlineBuy Anaprox Online

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