We from love the Theta and we were the first to use the Theta S camera, October 2015. Like we did during that year DDW and Glow Eindhoven.
And now Ricoh is taking the next step with the Theta V with a price of € 449,00.

  • High-quality 360º still images equivalent to 14M Record high-resolution, 360ºstill images equivalent to 14M output pixels.
  • 4K/30 fps high-quality videosNEW Video performance has been significantly improved, making 4K (3840×1920, 56Mbps), 30 fps high-resolution 360ºshooting possible.
  • Record 360?spatial audio with a 4-channel microphone


  • Equipped with a gyro sensorNEW This model is equipped with a new gyro sensor in addition to the conventional acceleration sensor.

  • 4K live streamingNEW This model supports 4K compatible 360 degree live streaming.
    Output the 4K (3840×1920 pixels), 360ºimage in real-time.

And two amazing accessories:

3D Microphone ricoh theta

This is a 3D microphone for exclusive use with the RICOH THETA V, for recording natural, balanced audio that faithfully reproduces the environment without any exaggeration or coloring. The included microphone unit was developed by Audio-Technica, which is praised for its superb technical abilities.

Underwater Housing ricoh theta v

This underwater housing provides waterproof performance that makes it possible to shoot 360 degree images up to 30 m underwater (JIS protection class 8). The power can be turned ON/OFF, still image/video shooting modes can be switched, and the release button can be operated all while the camera is in the housing.

Read more and PRE-order the camera at Ricoh webshop or Cameranu.nl

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