An MRI Physicist at King’s College Hospital has developed a first of a kind application (app) that aims to prepare children for an MRI scan

Jonathan Ashmore and Matthew Down

Having an MRI scan can be daunting for a child, but the My MRI at King’s app uses panoramic 360 degree videos to allow children to experience what an MRI scan involves before the real thing takes place. The resource can be viewed on a virtual reality headset or explored on a phone or tablet.

While developing the app, Jonathan Ashmore worked closely with the Play Specialist Team at King’s College Hospital, so that they can use the resource with children before they go in for a scan. There is also the option to use the app and headset at home with their parents. My MRI at King’s takes children all the way through the events that will happen on the day, from arriving at the hospital to entering the scanner.


Read more at website King’s College Hospital

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