VIVE X wants to help cultivate, foster and grow the global VR ecosystem by supporting startups and providing them with education, investment and mentorship.

Shape the future today by participating in our accelerator programs located in Beijing, San Francisco, Taipei and more locations to come.

Beijing 7D-VISION Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology company which focuses on computer vision, video graphics, video processing and human-computer interaction.
Action Bunker VR
At 30,000 Sq.ft, Action Bunker VR is Taiwan’s first Multiplayer, warehouse-sized First Person Shooter (FPS) Virtual Entertainment Center (VEC) Gaming Experience.
Apmetrix is a multi-channel analytics company delivering a full suite of data management and predictive tools for VR and transmedia companies. Apmetrix also offers a proprietary SaaS solution focused on behavioral and emotional experience tracking for emerging technologies.
Founded in 2014, appMagics is a Geek spirit startup that devotes itself to enabling Apps with MR capabilities, providing enhanced user experience by mixture reality to multi-scenarios.
Augmented Intelligence, Inc.
Augmented Intelligence is aiming for the precision and clinical applications in the Medical Virtual Reality. Our goal is to foster intelligence amplification in medical field for better understanding and treatment of human bodies.
VR controller gloves that don’t lose track of your hands and provide force feedback so that you can feel what you see.
CLEVR is a social network, solving the fragmentation of VR/AR and creating an exciting new layer of content discovery, founded by veterans Japheth Dillman & John Szeder.
Directive Games
Our goal is to enable amazing competitive online multiplayer experiences on VR and mobile – powered by Kaleo, a proprietary modern backend tech stack, all our games provides superior experiences through high quality graphics and immersion.
Immersv is a VR advertising platform that helps gamemakers and app designers with discovery while also providing them with a way to generate revenue.
Kaleidoscope is a global community of artists and developers working with creative technologies to produce original content that explores virtual reality as an artistic medium.
A team of Silicon Valley Engineers, Award Winning Filmmakers, and MIT Researchers dedicated to taking VR Cinematography mainstream. Robot powered by custom software to make pre-production and shooting processes more flexible and efficient for studios working with 360/VR.
Metal Cat
Metal Cat Interactive is a Beijing-based VR studio with a mission to deliver the best artistic and technical VR games.
ObEN, Inc
ObEN is an LA based A.I. company which can enable any IoT or virtual character to speak or sing in any voice, in any language, in a matter of minutes.
Omnigames is the VR Games Developing Studio established by Omescape, the largest room escape games developing and operating Company in China, and is the team behind the award-winning VR game “Picturesque”.
RockVR builds tools and community for people to share their VR experiences.
Shortfuse studio is a new VR game developer aiming to deliver high quality VR games. It is a subsidiary of ConductorVR. After a year of exploring the possibilities for games in VR, Shortfuse was brought to life to be fully dedicated to bring amazing VR content and focus on the development of our first upcoming title ConvictVR.
SurrealVR is a social VR platform where players with lifelike avatars enjoy social interaction with their friends. Third party developers can extend the platform using the SurrealVR SDK, which makes it easy to add a social layer and distribute any VR content.
Teemew will allow users in different locations to share Virtual Reality experiences. It will be used to communicate and collaborate in the same virtual or real environments.
Wondergate aims to be a leading VR-first reality capture technology company that makes the production of immersive interactive reality content as easy as possible.
With extensive experience in film and television for visual effects as well as in CG production pipeline, EdSenses aims to bring the AAA game experience to gamers.
Fishbowl VR
Fishbowl VR provides testing and user insights to help content creators figure out what works and what doesn’t in virtual reality through a global panel of VR consumers.
The Metaverse Channel
The Metaverse Channel’s mission is to inspire and educate the minds of today by resurrecting the greatest minds from the past, with the power of immersive virtual reality.

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